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extra wide dog gates

Dog gate and baby gate products are fairly similar, with subtle but important difference. While babies can only rove around the house slowly, and are only a danger to themselves, dogs can cover a lot of ground quickly, and are potentially dangerous to children, adults, and even other pets. Let’s look at a few critical features in safety gates for dogs.

Dog Gates for the House

Dog gate indoor products are often simpler in design than child safety gate products, which require extra measures to keep babies from falling down staircases. Some dog gates are designed to be free standing, while others are pressure mounted. As the term suggests, free standing pet gates are not secured to wall, door or stair fixtures; only their weight and wider footprint keep them in place, which obviously is ideal for cats and smaller dogs. They’re also more convenient for the owner, since they’re easy to reposition, and require no installation. Free standing brands are almost always designed for pets, as opposed to hardware or pressure mount gates, which are the two main types used to restrict children.

Pressure mounted pet gates should be used for larger dogs, or puppies that are expected to grow into larger dogs. A pressure mount gate features bolts that slide or screw outward to brace against a door frame, a wall, or the newel post of a stair railing. These gates have adult release latches operated by handles or foot pedals, so the gates can remain in place while allowing people to pass through them easily. In this respect, child and dog safety gate products are identical.

Extra Tall and Extra Wide Dog Gates

First time dog owners sometime underestimate their pet’s ability to leap beyond what seem to be sufficiently high barriers. It’s always better to err on the side of getting a gate that’s too tall. An extra tall dog gate is usually classified as such when it’s a least 40 inches in height, which is about human waist level.

Extra wide dog gates are ideal for cordoning off hallways and decks. An extra wide dog gate is usually classified as such when it’s at least 48 inches in width, or wider than an average door frame. Since gates become less stable as their width increases, models mounted with pressure screws are often preferred over free standing gates, and while pet gates of all types are available in a variety of materials, metal dog gates are recommended over wooden dog gates to discourage biting. But the material is less important than the height and width of your dog gate, since the main point is containment, not protection against bites and blemishes.

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